I am Amy Ruck- mom to two great kids, friend to some incredible people, teacher to thousands of amazing learners, seeker of knowledge, learner, gardener, writer, and crafter.

Welcome to The Craftology Lounge!

I’m so glad you stopped in!

In the early 2000’s, Albion Art Camp started as a way to keep my kids and the neighbor’s daycare kids busy with easy and fun crafting activities. We had so much fun making garden stones, mini gazing globes, wooden fairies, Chinese yo-yo’s, and fairy houses that I opened some summer sessions to anyone who wanted to join us for a couple hours each week. And it was a hit!

As my kids ventured out on their own and didn’t need me much anymore, Art Camp evolved into The Craftology Lounge when I was able, with a little help from my friends, to convert a 700 square foot outbuilding on my property into a space to hold adult workshop, create items for craft shows, and as an avenue to spread the LOVE of all things crafty!

The physical location of The Lounge closed in January 2020 when I sold my home of 21 years to make way for new opportunities. I bought a beautiful, new house with every intention of continuing creative workshops, when a little thing called a global pandemic hit forcing an even bigger PIVOT than originally intended! Since workshop are out of the question, I’ve decided to spread my virtual wings and open, in earnest, an online shop and put my creative offerings into the world! There is definitely a learning curve, but I can do hard things!

A lot has changed in my life since that first garden stone workshop in 2006, but one thing stays the same- my LOVE for all things crafty!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find something that makes your heart sing and beautifies your little corner of the world!


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